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Professor Mark Commean!

Mark getting his professor stripes from Royler Gracie
Mark getting his professor stripes from Royler Gracie

Mark has met another tremendous milestone in his jiu jitsu journey by receiving his professor stripes from Royler Gracie this past weekend.

The white stripes at the top and bottom of the red bar on his belt are among other things, an acknowledgement of Mark's dedication and committment to teaching jiu jitsu.


Mark is a blackbelt!

Mark getting his blackbelt from Royler Gracie
Mark getting his blackbelt from Royler Gracie

Mark has been performing at a blackbelt level for quite some time now, but in April Royler Gracie made it official.

At the 2014 instructors' meeting in California, Mark received his blackbelt after over 13 years of dedication to this dynamic sport.

For his first night back in the gym, there was an amazing turnout where students from all around the area and different schools showed up to applaud Mark's accomplishment and get some great training.

Way to go Mark! You make us all proud!


Royler is coming to town!

Royler Gracie seminar May 2013
Royler Gracie seminar THIS WEEKEND

Gracie Humaita Springfield will be hosting Royler Gracie for what is sure to be another great seminar this weekend, May 11th. It's not too late to reserve your spot, but if you want to go get a hold of Mark asap.


Capital City Cage Wars

The Bulldog, Shane, and Business all fought and all won in this last Capital City Cage Wars.

The guys all finished their fights by impressive submission victories. Way to go boys!


Mark #2 in the world!

Mark went out to California and fought his way to an impressive 2nd place in the world's most prestigious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.

Fighters from around the world converged in southern Cali to test their skills and Mark represented himself, his students, and his affiliation in a truly spectacular fashion.

Way to go Mark!


Another Great Jiu Jitsu Camp!

BJJ Camp August 2012.
BJJ Camp August 2012

Another great camp this year in Steelville MO. We learned a mountain of great techniques from a staff of reigning world champion black belts.


Brown Belt!

Mark getting his brown belt with Royler and Brody.
Mark after getting his brown belt with Royler and Brody.

Many many many congratulations to Mark for receiving his brown belt. This is a huge accomplishment and makes us all very proud.

For those who don't know Mark and our organization, this accomplishment came after consitently performing at the top of his division. However, Mark will be the first to tell you that his journey is not about gold medals or belts, it's about mastery of one's self and embracing the spirit of the Jiu Jitsu of the Grandmaster Helio Gracie.


Mark does great at the Pans!

Mark Commean at the PanAm 2012 tourney
Mark on the podium.

Chatham PD's and Gracie Humaita of Springfield's Mark Commean has recently returned from Los Angeles CA where he competed in one of the largest and most competitive grappling tournaments in the world. As submissions grappling tournaments go, the IBJJF is the NBA or MLB of the sport. And to carry that comparison a step further, of all the IBJJF tournaments that are hosted throughout the world, the Pan American Jiu Jitsu tournament is the World Series.

Mark headed out to compete in the purple belt middleweight division of the Pans. It was a 37 man bracket and the largest turnout in the tournament's history with a staggering 3300 competitors in all. At 9 am Saturday morning, Mark started very strong winning his first match due to his opponent suffering a knee injury early in the match. He won his second match by outscoring his opponent, and won the third by choking his opponent to submission earning a spot on the medal stand and the semi finals.

After a tough and few minutes, Mark narrowly caught by an armbar, but not before earning a bronze medal and the right to compete again later that day in the Absolute division, a division in which there are no weight categories.

Early that evening Mark returned to compete against all the best competitors in each weight class in the entire purple belt division. This time Mark fought another four exciting matches handily winning the first three matches on points before getting edged out in the finals.

Mark stepped out and competed on the world stage and came back with a bronze and a silver medal which are currently on display at Gracie Humaita on Main. His family, team, and community could not be more proud.


Busy last few weeks!

Royler Gracie seminar February 2012
Royler Gracie seminar February 2012

February 25th, central Illinois was treated to one of the most well put on seminars by one of the most prestigous BJJ practicioners in the world today. Everyone in attendance was treated to a great seminar with lots of laughs and great technique by the one and only Royler Gracie.

I think I speak for everyone when I say thanks to Mark for putting this together! I can't wait until the next one!

March 4th, Chicago hosted an IBJJF tournament where Gracie Humaita turned out in force. The Humaita team from here and St. Louis brought back lots of gold, silver, and bronze and is now setting our eyes on the Pans coming up next month.

No time for rest Mark, time to work even harder for the Pans!

Missouri Tournament
Missouri Tournament

And not to be overlooked, just a few weeks ago, we had a troop go down to the Missouri Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships and return with a collection of medals. Drew got a gold and a silver, and Ryan scored himself a gold. Everybody put on a great showing and believe me, everybody came back better for the experience!

Gracie Humaita is on fire these days, don't blink or you'll miss something that this exciting team is accomplishing!


Royler Gracie will be here February 25th!

Mark Commean and Royler Gracie
Mark and Royler at Royler's house after his private lesson.

Join us to train with Royler Gracie on February 25th.

Gracie Humaita Springfield IL will be hosting Royler Gracie for a seminar on February 25th from 1-4. The cost of the seminar is only $85 and spots will be going fast so sign up as soon as you can. You can call or text Mark at (217) 891 - 4514.

Click here for directions.


Amazing Job Mark!

Mark put on an absolutely amazing show this past weekend at the first ever Gracie Humaita BJJ competition.

Mark won not one, not two, but three divisions in San Diego - the mecca of Jiu Jitsu in the United States! Competing with and dominating some of the best in the country.

We cannot say enough how proud we are of Mark and his accomplishments and how proud we all are to be a part of such an amazing team. If ever there was an indication of being on the right track, this is it.

Mark's victories in the both the Master's and the adult purple belt divisions are a spectacular feat to be sure! However, Mark also proved that his grasped of street self defense is nothing short of mastery. Winning with a score of 97 out of a possible 100, Mark showed that his focus is squarely on studying and training in a way that will prove effective when the chips are down.

Once again congrats Mark, you have truly set yourself ahead of the pack! Way to go buddy!


Big trip to San Diego!

Mark is heading for San Diego to train with Royler Gracie!

He'll be getting a private lesson with the man himself and then showing his stuff at the first Annual Gracie Humaita Open and displaying his self defense expertise at a self defense competition where the competitors will be timed and tested for reaction and accuracy in self defense situations.

We're all on pins and needles to see how it goes. Good luck Mark! I'm sure you'll make us all proud!

On a related note, Shane and Business will be fighting soon in Jacksonville so be sure to stay tuned for more info on that. And Gracie Humaita Springfield will be hosting Royler Gracie's first seminar in central Illinois. Spots are available and will be going fast, so call Mark or drop us a line to secure yours asap. There will be a limit on the number of people who will be able to attend.


Chicago IBJJF Champion Mark Commean!

Mark Commean
Mark, Avery, and Brody on the medal stand.

Gracie Humaita, Springfield had a great showing at the Chicago IBJJF championships. Shane, Business, Ryan, Drew and Mark made the trip up to Chicago to compete. While everybody did great, it was definitely Mark's time to shine. He absolutely dominated his division in perhaps the biggest tournament in the midwest.

He won the gold by submitting each of his opponents from different positions! It was a tough bracket with tough competitors, but Mark's efficiency, technique, and conditioning was just too much for anybody to even compete with.

He won his first match with a beautiful arm bar from guard inside of two minutes. The second match went a little longer and ended with Mark submitting his opponent with an ezekial choke while in his opponent's guard. Mark put on a clinic in the final match where he dominated his opponent, took his back, flattened him out and patiently waited until the opportunity presented itself to end it with a collar choke from the back.

Shane, Business, Ryan, and Drew showed up to compete as well. For Shane and Business it was their first competition as blue belts and though they didn't come home with a medal this time, the tough blue belt divisions better be on notice. Ryan and Drew each competed in their first IBJJF competitions and made us all proud. The future holds great things for these two.

All the guys represented our school and the Gracie Humaita affiliation well and made all of us proud.


Gracie Humaita of Springfield IL

Mark Commean
Mark Commean 2010

Welcome to the new face of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the Springfield and Chatham areas.

We are the best you'll find in training Gracie Jiu Jitsu and MMA in and around Springfield IL.

Formerly Team Commean, we are now operating as Gracie Humaita, the only school in this area affiliated with the original Gracie Humaita of Rio de Janeiro. And though we are changing names and are looking forward to many great opportunities to come, our core mission of great training and dedication to our students and our art remains the same.

We are affiliated with Royler Gracie, thought of by many as the most technical practitioner of his family's art. Royler is the son of Helio, the founder of the sport, and a direct link from us to everything that makes Gracie Jiu Jitsu one of the most dynamic and exciting sports and martial arts on the planet.

We will continue to provide an outstanding training environment where we train hard and safe.

We will continue to be committed to our students and the quality of their instruction. Staying committed to cultivating friendships and camaraderie, and providing a fun, inviting, and laid back atmosphere to come and train.

Mark Commean brings a brand Gracie Jiu Jitsu to Springfield, Chatham and Central IL that is accessible to new comers and challenging to competitors at the highest level. We train in a safe and family friendly atmosphere where our motto is that 'You are responsible for your training partner's safety'.

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